Value-based care reimbursement starts with the Annual Wellness Visit.

SnapAWV is a complete software solution for primary care practices to manage Medicare Annual Wellness Visits.

Is your practice interested in streamlining administrative tasks, reducing staff time, lowering operational expenses, increasing your Medicare patient panel, closing care gaps, and increasing reimbursement? If so, we are here to help you.

Unleash Value-Based Care Reimbursement

How providers are reimbursed is changing at a rapid pace. Value-based care contracts are now exceeding the value of fee-for-service.

The old model focuses on patient visit volume.

The legacy fee-for-service model focuses on patient visit volume, which can ultimately drive up the cost of healthcare and negatively impact patient outcomes.

The new model focuses on quality patient outcomes.

The new value-based care model encourages providers to shift their focus from volume to quality patient outcomes. Medicare and private payers are now tying reimbursement to quality care to generate an overall reduction in healthcare costs.

Snap eHealth helps Independent Primary Care groups capture Quality Measures with ease.

Lower front office staff costs by automating administrative tasks and maximize your reimbursement by using Snap eHealth to capture Quality Measures.

Learn how Snap eHealth does this

Primary Care Solutions for Medicare Advantage & Value-Based Care.

Snap eHealth understands the key to Medicare Advantage reimbursement is optimizing the Annual Wellness Visit.

This is the critical feedback loop essential for collecting and tracking Quality Measures on patients. Additionally, Snap eHealth’s Unified Patient App allows patients to take a hands-on approach to their care. Patients can add information from visits with specialists to help paint the full picture.

HRA Automation

Snap eHealth delivers the Health Risk Assessment to patients before their Annual Wellness Visit. Our engagement rates are far better than a patient portal because we use the latest security techniques to provide secure access for patients.

Assists in satisfying the requirement for an Annual Wellness Visit

Patients do not need a password to use the software and it’s mobile friendly

Pre-loaded information from the EHR into the HRA saves patients time filling out forms

Providers see more accurate data from patients

Overall staff time in pre-visit planning can be cut in half

Data is automatically transferred from Snap eHealth to the EHR, eliminating dual entry

PPPS Delivery

SnapAWV offers the only Personalized Prevention Plan Services that communicates with a care network. The tough reality is only 33% of patients follow through on their referral orders from primary care to see a specialist. SnapAWV delivers a dynamic preventative care plan and reminds patients to complete their referrals.  

Completing referrals and preventative screenings achieves better patient outcomes, decreases annual healthcare costs, and boosts performance in Medicare Advantage, MSSP, and ACO REACH.

  • Automatically satisfies a requirement for an Annual Wellness Visit
  • Patients do not need a password to use the software and it’s mobile friendly
  • Patients can schedule screenings and other preventative appointments in the form, satisfying Quality Measures
  • Remarkable engagement rate, far exceeding a patient portal
  • Workflow automation to minimize staff time for care coordination

Interoperability Rethought

Patients on Snap eHealth see all of their data in one place from all of their independent providers. As patients go to specialists in your referral network, data and results from visits with other providers can be shared from their EHRs into Snap eHealth and published in the patient’s health record.

Snap eHealth centralizes data from primary care physicians and specialists to generate the most complete patient file. Collecting health data from multiple providers means more quality measures are being met which ultimately generates higher value-based care reimbursement for primary care physicians.

A Portal Patients Love

Snap eHealth is focused on delivering the best patient experience. Aside from offering convenience with HRA completion and appointment scheduling, patients can review their full medical history in one place and manage their health the way they want to.

See the Patient Experience

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