Automate Medicare Annual Wellness Visit workflows and boost value-based care performance.

SnapAWV is a complete software solution for primary care practices to manage Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and coordinate care after each visit.  

Is your practice interested in streamlining administrative tasks, reducing staff time, lowering operational expenses, growing your Medicare patient panel, closing care gaps, and increasing reimbursement?

If so, SnapAWV is the solution for you.

Regardless of your EHR or ACO, SnapAWV helps primary care practices perform better with all value-based care reimbursement models:

Medicare Shared Savings Programs 

The old model focuses on patient visit volume.

The legacy fee-for-service model focuses on patient visit volume, which can ultimately drive up the cost of healthcare and negatively impact patient outcomes.

The new model focuses on quality patient outcomes.

The new value-based care model encourages providers to shift their focus from volume to quality patient outcomes. Medicare and private payers are now tying reimbursement to quality care to generate an overall reduction in healthcare costs.

How SnapAWV Supports Your Practice

Primary care physicians are the starting point for making value-based care successful across the larger healthcare ecosystem because it’s where a patient’s preventative care journey begins.

The Annual Wellness Visit is the essential tool primary care physicians use to understand the current state of health for each of their Medicare patients so they can create a preventative care plan for each patient.

SnapAWV provides primary care practices with the framework and toolkit to manage Medicare Annual Wellness Visits.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Before an Annual Wellness Visit, patients must complete an HRA form which physicians use to identify health behaviors, risk factors, and gaps in preventative care.

SnapAWV’s HRA form is sent automatically to patients via email and text message three weeks before their AWV.

Automated reminders ensure patients complete their HRAs before their visit and keep your practice running on schedule.

As patients submit their HRAs, SnapAWV moves the completed forms into your EHR for compliance.

Customize when HRAs and reminders are sent to patients

Forms are prefilled with data from the EHR to save patients time

Password-free, multi-factor authentication and mobile friendly

Reduce operational expenses by not sending paper forms in the mail

Save time with data entry, scanning documents, and calling patients

Keep your practice running on schedule

Personalized Prevention Plan Services (PPPS)

After the Annual Wellness Visit, patients are provided with a PPPS which is a clinical summary of the visit with referrals and other preventative care directives.

SnapAWV reads data from the EHR to generate a comprehensive PPPS and sends it to patients by email and text message after their visit. SnapAWV prompts patients to complete referrals, tracks patient progress, and sends reminders as needed.

SnapAWV’s PPPS is the best-in-class solution for coordinating care with an external network of providers. 

PPPS is sent automatically after each Annual Wellness Visit

Password-free, multi-factor authentication and mobile friendly 

Save time by streamlining prior authorizations and referral orders

A clinically integrated network without the setup headaches 

Automated reminders to patients save staff time 

Completion of preventative care action items

Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

SnapAWV includes a powerful web-based clinic app to help practices manage visits and track the status of each HRA, PPPS, and referral.

Review past and upcoming visits

Send patient reminders 

Monitor patient progress with each HRA, PPPS, and referral 

Engage with individual patients or groups of patients 

Complete more referrals, receive results from an external network of physicians, and close care gaps

Insightful reporting to track progress for each physician or an entire practice

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