Capture new patient referrals from primary care and share results with other physicians.

If you are a specialist physician looking for a tool to increase your referral volume and easily send patient results back to referring physicians, this is the solution for you.

Did you know you’re missing 33% of your referrals? 

One of the biggest hurdles physicians face is getting patients to take action with their referrals.

Statistically, roughly 33% of patients never schedule visits with the specialists their primary care physician referred them to.

The end result is primary care physicians miss the mark in value-based care performance, patient outcomes are negatively impacted, and specialists are missing out on major revenue.

The old model focuses on patient visit volume.

The legacy fee-for-service model focuses on patient visit volume, which can ultimately drive up the cost of healthcare and negatively impact patient outcomes.

The new model focuses on quality patient outcomes.

The new value-based care model encourages providers to shift their focus from volume to quality patient outcomes. Medicare and private payers are now tying reimbursement to quality care to generate an overall reduction in healthcare costs.

Convert New Patient Leads Into Billable Visits

SnapLeads works with specialists to build a customized schedule request form and implements it at primary care practices.

As primary care physicians enter referral orders for your practice into their EHR, SnapLeads sends emails and text messages to patients with your custom-built schedule request form and reminds patients to submit the form.

As patients complete your form, Snap eHealth sends the schedule request forms directly to your scheduling department so your practice can confirm the final visit date and time with each patient.

Capture more referrals

Schedule patients faster

Increase revenue

Closing the Referral Loop

One of the biggest complaints from primary care physicians is that they refer patients to specialists, but they never receive results back from specialists.

This makes it hard for primary care physicians to track patient outcomes.

SnapLeads provides practices with a user-friendly, web-based clinic app so your practice can upload results in real-time and share them with referring physicians.

Close the referral loop

Improve communication with your external physician network 

Share results more easily and help primary care physicians track patient outcomes 

Flexibility to Fit Your Existing Workflows

Regardless of the size of your practice or how large your administrative staff is, SnapLeads can be tailored to work with your current workflows.

We offer both EHR integrated and non-integrated options.

SnapLeads with EHR Integration
Schedule requests are sent right into your EHR’s scheduling queue.
Results from completed visits are automatically sent back to referring physicians. 
SnapLeads with Email
Schedule requests are sent to your scheduling department’s email. 
Results are uploaded to a web-based app and sent back to the referring physician.

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