Referral management with network interoperability to coordinate care and track patient action.

Roughly one third of patients never schedule visits with the specialists their primary care physician referred them to.

SnapReferrals helps practices monitor patient progress with completing referrals. 

Patient Plan of Action (PPA)

After each visit, patients are provided with a PPA which is a clinical summary of the visit with referrals to see other physicians.

SnapReferrals reads data from the EHR to generate a comprehensive PPA and sends it to patients by email and text message after their visit.

SnapReferrals prompts patients to complete referrals, tracks patient progress, and sends reminders as needed.

SnapReferrals is the best-in-class solution for coordinating care with an external network of providers.

PPA is sent automatically after each visit

Physicians save time not having to hand write referrals

Password-free, multi-factor authentication and mobile friendly 

Save time by streamlining prior authorizations and referral orders

Automated reminders to patients save staff time 

A clinically integrated network without the setup headaches 

Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

SnapReferrals includes a powerful web-based clinic app to help practices manage visits and track the status of each referral.

Review past and upcoming visits

Send patient reminders 

Monitor patient progress with each HRA, PPPS, and referral 

Engage with individual patients or groups of patients 

Complete more referrals, receive results from an external network of physicians, and close care gaps

Insightful reporting to track progress for each physician or an entire practice

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