Manage your healthcare network in one place.

We make forms more convenient, deliver results quicker, and help you schedule your next visit.

One Portal to Manage Your Health.

At some point your primary care provider may refer you to a specialist such as a radiologist or cardiologist. As you see more providers, you are forced to use more portals and keep track of more logins.

  • Snap eHealth’s single-portal approach captures your health information from each of your providers and displays it in a central location so you can manage your health in one convenient place.

No More Sticky Notes with Passwords.

No pesky passwords needed! We email you a Magic Link to access your health records on-demand.

Time and Convenience.

Online intake forms.

Snap eHealth allows you to quickly complete these questionnaires online at your convenience prior to your appointment.

Results emailed directly to you.

We keep your anxiety in check by delivering results through a secure email link so you don’t have to wait for the results to come in the mail or for a call from your provider. 

Schedule your next appointment.

Request your next appointment right in Snap eHealth when you have your calendar handy and know what will work best with your schedule.