Refining admin work and driving patient satisfaction.

Snap eHealth automates pre-visit forms, delivers results, helps schedule future visits, and captures referrals from primary care physicians.

Harvest Referrals from other Providers

We aren’t just building great software; we are architecting a clinically integrated network centered around patients. Our goal is to make referrals between providers simple and seamless for patients so they can get access to the care they need quickly. Joining Snap eHealth’s network puts your practice front and center in front of new patients.

  • Send results to patients in a few simple steps
  • Convert technical jargon into results that your patient can take action with

Pre-Visit Forms

Snap eHealth can create custom pre-visit questionnaires tailored to your practice to reduce data entry and save valuable time.

Why do providers love Snap eHealth’s forms?

  • Send results to patients in a few simple steps
  • Convert technical jargon into results that your patient can take action with

Why will your patients love using Snap eHealth’s forms?

  • Patients can conveniently complete pre-visit forms ahead of their appointment.
  • Multi-factor authentication eliminates passwords and Snap eHealth is mobile-friendly.

Automate Result Delivery

Help your patients sleep at night! Snap eHealth can deliver results based on your criteria directly to the patient in real time. Delivering results faster can help minimize patient anxiety and reduce administrative work.

  • Results can be filtered from your EHR and sent automatically to your patients.
  • Compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act.
  • Convert technical jargon into results your patients can understand.

Appointment Scheduling

Many providers already use a self-scheduling application today and Snap eHealth understands how disruptive it can be to change software providers. This is why we have designed our software to work with your current scheduling processes, rather than replace tools that already work.

Promptly after reviewing their results in Snap eHealth, patients are given the option to schedule their next appointment at the click of a button. The appointment request is then transmitted back to the provider to complete the final appointment confirmation.

Patient Reported Outcomes

From start to finish, Snap eHealth lends a helping hand with all patient communication. Capture Patient-Reported Outcomes with custom questionnaires which can be emailed to your patients and transferred back into your EHR once completed.

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