The fastest result delivery in the industry.

Snap eHealth delivers normal results directly to the patient, schedules future appointments, and captures referrals from primary care physicians.

Automate the Delivery of Normal Results

Help your patients sleep at night! Snap eHealth allows radiologists to automate the delivery of normal mammograms so patients can get their results as quickly as possible and get back to living their best life, stress-free. 

  • Results can be filtered from your EHR and sent automatically to your patients.
  • Compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act.
  • Convert technical jargon into results that your patients can understand.

Increase Patient Satisfaction.

Patient Dashboard

Patients can review their full medical history in one place and manage their health the way they want to.

Deliver Results to Patients

Receiving normal results exponentially faster than traditional delivery allows patients to sleep at night.

Appointment Scheduling

Upon reviewing their results, patients are prompted to schedule their next appointment.

Interoperability & Integration Rethought

Snap eHealth offers much more than a traditional EHR data exchange. Our software facilitates the sharing of patient data between multiple providers and EHRs to create a full picture of the patient’s health history.

We centralize data from radiologists, primary care physicians, and other specialists to generate the most complete patient file. The end result is faster referrals, better care, and operational cost savings.

Increase Referral Volume
Do you ever wonder where your patients come from? Gain more referrals by joining Snap eHealth's clinically integrated network. Referring patients to another provider is a 'snap'.

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Build Your Patient Pipeline

Many providers already use a self-scheduling application today and Snap eHealth understands how disruptive it can be to change software providers. This is why we have designed our software to work with your current scheduling processes, rather than replace tools that already work.

Promptly after reviewing their results, patients are given the option to schedule their next appointment at the click of a button. The appointment request is then transmitted back to the provider to complete the final appointment confirmation. 


Next appointments scheduled


More referrals per month

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