Work with our increadible team based in Denver, Colorado but with team members all around the United States.


In revenue growth in 2021.


Series funded.


Team members and counting.

We value people and their ideas.

Our culture is one of collaboration, inclusiveness, and a drive to create the best experiences possible for our customers.

Our Values.

We strive to create an inclusive and diverse work environment that is driven by our core values

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Transparent communication and operations are critical to building a work environment built on trust.

Customer Experience

We are in the business of making our customer's jobs just a little easier every day.


The healthcare industry's patient data has been fragmented for far too long. It's time we change that.

Trust & Respect

From transparency, we create a culture of trust and respect amongst our team.

Collaboration & Communication

We are tackling hard problems that the healthcare industry needs solved. We do that through efficient collaboration and communication.

Product Value

Ensuring our products create value for our customers is one of our top priorities.


Our employees come first. From unlimited PTO to make sure you can take the vacations you need, to access to healthcare, we make sure our entire team is covered.
9 am to 5pm? No thanks.

We believe that creativity should not be limited to a 9-5 schedule so we've included unlimited PTO which allows for a flexible schedule and let's you manage your own time.

Health is our priority.

Aside from being in the healthcare industry, we believe that healthy employees are happy employees-- We pay 80%-100% of your Medical, Dental & Vision premiums.

From NY to WA.

As the world evolves around us, it is important for us to adapt. We are a fully remote team that offers remote roles. We have team members who live across the country with a corporate office based in Denver, CO.